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(850) 769-4888 Panama City, FL

About Us

Hutt Insurance Agency was founded by John Hutt, Sr. and Jean Owens in 1961. Our first office, in downtown Panama City, FL, had no front window, and “Miss Jean” simply rolled down the blinds at the close of day. They knew everyone in town, and most business was conducted at the local gathering spot, the Seven Seas restaurant. Today, we have computers to replace typewriters, high-speed copiers to replace carbon paper, and fax and email to replace most “snail mail.” While technology has certainly changed, our business philosophy has not. We still work to provide quality coverage, sound advice and personal attention to our clients, and we do so by having some of the finest, well-trained employees in the Southeast. Our folks know their stuff, and they work for you.

The agency is run today by John Sr’s son, John Jr., and grandson, Trey. We still run this very much as a family business. While many family firms have sold out to banks or to “big corporate” firms, we still prefer the family approach. That way, we can focus on our employees and our clients rather than having to serve stockholders and board of directors. We don’t have to maintain a stock price.

We write our share of large clients like banks, developers, and condo associations, but our focus continues to be on homes and small businesses. These are the people that have “kept the lights on” over the years, so we will always be focused on providing coverage for average families and small businesses. Like us. We also offer contractor insurance so unexpected events do not turn into financial disasters.

Hutt Insurance Agency has been providing insurance to the Gulf Coast since 1961. We are a locally owned and operated company in Bay Country, Florida, as well as a family business that has been run by 3 generations of Hutts.