“We want you to know one thing.  We know that after all these years being here, in this community, that now is when you need us most.  We take that responsibility very, very seriously, and we intend to do our dead-level best to be sure you recover the money you’re entitled to from your insurance company.  You should never hear from anyone on our staff that they are tired or busy or that there’s nothing they can do to help you.  This is the time that I know you expect us to step up.  And we will.  We will never be too tired or too busy to help you.  We can offer advice, intervention with insurance companies, access to resources and recommendations.  We’ll work to get things back on track if something goes wrong.  Maybe even just a snack, something cold to drink, and a place to just sit for a minute to get back in gear.   

This is our community, too, and we are going to do all that we can to see that it is rebuilt.  Now is the time – now – that we hope to earn the trust you’ve placed in us since 1961.  Call us and put us to work.  For you.
John Hutt, Trey Hutt, and the staff of Hutt Insurance Agency”

We can be reached from 9-4 here at our office at 3106 W 23rd St, but our Lynn Haven office is heavily damaged and closed until further notice.

Our main phone line of 850/769-4888 works.  If anyone has trouble getting through on that line, we have backup phone lines of 850/960-3814 & 850/960-3841. We will return ALL voice mails left on those phone lines.  Email is working too:  Reach us at   [email protected]
For a public help desk appointment, send a text to: 850-273-9356

Take a look at our Facebook page for our twice-weekly FB Live series “Eating the Elephant” which focuses on insurance issues and hurricane recovery tips.